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Fresh Surgical Instruments is one of the leading manufacturer of hand precision & innovative Medical Instruments. Come and discover why customers, distributors & suppliers feel at home with us.

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About FSV.

Welcome to the world of FSV (Fresh Surgical Valley) surgical Devices manufactures of Surgical & Dental Instruments since 1987. We are specialized in Laryngoscopes, ENT Diagnostic Sets, Otoscope, Orthopedic Instruments, General Surgery and Electrosurgical Instruments. Here in FSV we are not just committed to the manufacturing but we are committed to attain full satisfaction of our customers by providing them with high-class quality products. That’s why we have vision of attaining customer full satisfaction through quality, honesty and fairness.

Join us and discover why our customers, distributors & suppliers feel at home with us.

Mr. Imran Tarar

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Why Choose Us?

We focus on improving the quality and working of our products to provide best of our services with on time delivery and customer needs. We strive for improvement, to always bring our customers the finest quality, service and range, without compromise!

Competitive Pricing

Experience exceptional value with Surgical Valley's compelling pricing approach. At Surgical Valley, we emphasize affordability while upholding high standards of quality. Our dedication to providing premium surgical equipment at budget-friendly prices distinguishes us. Encounter cost-efficiency without compromising on excellence with Surgical Valley.

Ontime Deliveries

Rely on Surgical Valley for dependable and prompt deliveries, consistently. Our unwavering dedication to punctual deliveries guarantees that your surgical equipment reaches you precisely when required. With Surgical Valley, expect smooth logistics and timely assistance, enabling you to concentrate on the paramount aspect: patient care.

Shipping Worldwide

Explore the ease of global accessibility with Surgical Valley's international shipping solutions. Regardless of your location, our extensive shipping infrastructure guarantees swift and safe delivery of your surgical equipment. Rely on Surgical Valley to deliver quality products to your doorstep, no matter where your practice leads you.

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Our Catalogues

General Surgery

Scissors, Forceps, Retractors, Dissecting Forceps, Needle Holders, Skin Crafting, OB/GYN instruments, Diathermy and more.

General Surgical

Dental Tools

Mirror,Probes,Retractors,Pliers,Torque Wrench,Extracting Forceps,Restorative instruments, Excavators and more.

Dental Tools PDF


Cutting Forceps, Files,Chisel,Impactor,Rasps,Femoral Ligament Cutter, Retractors, Trephines-Bone Saws and more.

Orhopedic Tools PDF


Bipolar, Monopolar Forceps, Scissors and Cautery Cords,Reusable Pencils,Electrodes,Laparoscopic Instruments and more.



How We Work

The process by which surgical instruments are created includes forging, grinding, milling, finishing and heat treating. Forging involves stamping an outline of the instrument on the steel. It is the basis for a quality instrument. Heated stainless steel is stamped using a die.


Raw Material

Stainless steel grades 316L and 304L for surgical instruments and tools. 316L stainless steel is a low-carbon version of 316 stainless steel and has higher corrosion resistance, while 304L stainless steel is a low-carbon version of 304 stainless steel


Forging & Milling

The raw material is heated to a high temperature and then forged into the desired shape using specialized equipment such as a forging hammer or press. This step helps creating the basic shape of the instrument.


Polishing & Finishing

Polishing ensures a smooth finish for the instrument and can result in either a shiny, mirror finish or a satin/matte finish. Both finishes are acceptable and have their own virtues.


Final Inspection & Packing

Finalizing Process: Ensure accuracy in all aspects before the last inspection and packaging prior to shipment. Our final process ensures all instruments are testing according to standard.

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